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Pictures and Movie Clips for viewing of This The Potato Project 2010+. Check it out through the Stages of the work and watch the progress.

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Above: Plot#2, Zion Moselem. Far right, Home Plot#1
New Digger Setup
Test Sample

August 10: As we move into harvest time, there will be dedicated service needed in this walk, dealing with time, rain, heat, bugs, dirt, and sore mussels. Home Plot #1 is declared Open for Harvest as of August 10, 2010. Volunteers for Harvest are needed.

The first two rows I dug, and 43, +5# Bags were provided to the Fleetwood Pantry for their distribution on August 5th. Fleetwood currently serves 80-120 families in need.

Zion Moselem Plot#2 is expected to be Open for Harvest September 4th.

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